Yigit Taskin

I was born in 1986 in Adapazarı. After I had finished elementary school in that city ,I moved to İstanbul to contunue my education at Kartal Anadolu Lisesi . I was graduated from İstanbul University Department of Economics. After elementary school I had been playing soccer for a long time. Eventhough I started thought well of tango just after I watched the movie “Scent of a Women”, such as many dancers, I could hardly start it at September 2009 . After a short time I started Tango in Baila Tango I had to have a break because of the military duty. After I came up from the army, in June 2010, I started it again, an I took courses from principelly Metin Yazır and the many other important instructors such as Omar Ocampo, Horacio Godoy, Gabriel Angio, Orlando Reyes, Christian Marquez, Şenay Gökyıldız, Ozan Fırat and Özgür Altun. In January 2011 I went to New York for education and I had also been Metin Yazır assistance for 6 months. During this time period I did 3 showcases and attended 2 contests at Dance Sports , wich were coached by Metin Yazır.
After I came back to Turkey, I became an instructor and a dj of Baila Tango İstanbul.