Baila Tango,
the worlds leading tango school brings together many talented individuals
( highly successful professionals in various fields ) ,
who share the same passion: Tango

Leading by Metin Yazir, Baila Tango have created tango communities in several cities around the world. Baila Tango instructors, based on Metin Yazir’s methodology, teachand promote tango internationally in the same consistent manner that follows the codes of the Authentic Tango of Buenos Aires.

Baila Tango considers tango as a dialogue (as opposed to monologues by the dominant men) between two independent and actively participating and follow concepts transcend to invitations and acceptances. This hightened respect for women is the foundation of this vision.

Our vision, is inclusive : everyone can dance tango regardless of age, bacground, or body type. While the stage dancers bring their art audiences, tango still belongs to the people from which it came from.

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Baila Tango,
Social Responsibility Project

Kids with special needs

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30 June 2019

Baila Tango & Tango Tek & RollDans

Bodrum Tango CAMP Septembre 19/22 (Eylul) 2019 Baila Tango & Tango Tek & RollDans Bodrum Tango CAMP Septembre 19/22 (Eylul) 2019 BailaTango Bodrum Tango Camp (31EDITION) […]
29 April 2019

April, May, June Tour 2019

April 29 Istanbul (TangoTek) April 30 May 5. ANTALYA (KemerTangoFestival) May 6 Istanbul (TangoTek) May 7.11. BOSNA&HERZEGOVINA(Capljina, Hu Cvijet ) (Ljubuski, Ed.Reh.Centar) (Mostar, Ros Rosales) May […]
16 February 2019

Bodrum Tango Camp

Baila TangoBodrum Tango CAMP May 30 June 2 2019 BailaTango Bodrum Tango Camp (29EDITION)Baila Tango’s traditional Bodrum Camp continues to combine tango, fun and holiday with a […]
20 December 2018

Group and Private Lessons with Metin YAZIR

Monday 19.30 20.30 Beginners Int/Adv You are bored and want some changes in your life, don’t like doing sport but get frustrated when staying still, […]


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