19.30 20.30 Beginners Int/Adv

Group and Private Lessons with Metin YAZIR

You are bored and want some changes in your life, don’t like doing sport but get frustrated when staying still, want to meet new people in a new environment and sometimes want to go out at nights to get fresh air but cannot find anyone to accompany you, and you want to share a hobby with your partner or lover, tango is the ideal hobby for these wishes. Anyone who can walk can learn tango. You can begin tango in the fastest most proper way with Master of Masters Metin Yazir

You do tango for years but cannot show any progress at all. You try hard but cannot figure out what is wrong and you are in need of small fixing touches, fortunately you are at the right place, start learning how to do tango with the master of the masters, Metin Yazır . You will be amazed at the change in your dance level.